THREE Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

As a music business owner, musician and piano teacher for over 30 years, I have had the pleasure of working with many different students of all ages and learning styles. I see the benefits of learning music first hand as I’ve seen my students grow and develop over the years.

One thing for sure, music is a discipline. It is one of the few activities that expand the mind and gently works on physical dexterity. Both of which fosters patience and perseverance.

There is so much information on music on the brain tying in how learning a musical instrument makes use of both parts of the brain. This, in turn, boosts memory power, improves academic skills and makes you smarter.

What always amazes me is how new beginners start to comprehend musical concepts. Take the reading of music for example, as teachers we usually use rhymes and/or phrases to remember notes over time students begin to memorize these and rely on them less. Eventually the mind begins to recognize these notes and the student can play them without thinking too much.

I have seen music lessons do wonderful things for adults and seniors. Music keeps them sharp and inquisitive as they quest to understand – “How does this music work?” Take arthritis – learning piano or guitar keeps fingers and joints moving in ways that we don’t usually use them.  I have many students with arthritis who continue to play piano as they are worried that their fingers and joints will stiffen up too much. Music lessons are a form of exercise to them.

Learning to play a musical instrument takes time. But, it is time well spent, given the lifelong gifts music can give. Patience and perseverance are qualities that we want in ourselves and in our children. Learning music teaches that. Students who must keep trying until they get it – don’t give up. This in turn, reinforces musical concepts, develops the mind, and provides self-satisfaction and enjoyment.

The result is a rewarded student playing a song that they can now enjoy!