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Imagine Music Lessons is constantly evolving to provide the very best in music lessons. Whether its online lessons, studio, in-home lessons or a combination, we enforce masks, social distancing and proper cleaning/sanitation to keep our students safe while having fun learning music. Imagine Music Lessons teachers have their Covid-19 plan in place! Please contact us directly if you would like more information on our handling of Covid-19.

Lesson costs are determined by:

  • Lesson Location: Online, Teacher Studio or In-Home Lessons
  • Lesson Type: Regular Weekly Lessons, Custom Music Lesson Packages (CMLP) or the Music Lesson Packages (MLP)
  • Lesson Length (30min, 45min, 60min,)

As with most studios, there is also a small registration fee.The registration fee secures the student a time slot and covers the administrative time it takes to set up and maintain a client’s account. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Email money transfer is also accepted upon request only.


We have a simple three-step process:

  • Step 1: Contact Imagine Music Lessons either by phone (403) 971-7120 or through our Email Contact Page. Let us know what instrument(s) you are interested in, whether you prefer online, studio, and/or in-home lessons, and if you want Regular Weekly Lessons, Custom Music Lesson Packages (CMLP) or Music Lesson Packages (MLP). We offer a combination of these delivery methods.
  • Step 2: We will connect you to a teacher or a teacher that you have requested. Once a scheduled lesson day and time is determined, you need to contact the Imagine Music Lessons office and register.
  • Step 3: We take payment by Visa and Mastercard. Other forms of payment are accepted upon office approval.

Our teacher studio branches are located throughout the city. Please contact us to find out which studios are closest to you.

We have some tips: plug in your devices to save energy, check your internet connection and tweak your microphone. You can read more of our information here or contact us for details. 

Indeed, we do. Meet and Greets are usually offered at no charge, either online or at the teacher’s studio. This is a short meeting to get to know the teacher. Trial Lessons are usually taught as an actual lesson and provides the student with a music assessment or an idea of what music lessons will be like. There is usually a fee for the trial lesson. Please contact us to find out more.

Most teachers will have an extra drive fee. Its is based on $0.50/km and is determined by the office. We take into account your location and where the teacher is coming from. Imagine Music Lessons always notifies clients of these fees.

If your teacher cancels the lesson (which rarely happens with our teachers), your lesson will always be made up. Please discuss this make-up with your teacher. As an option, this make-up may be completed as an online lesson.

Generally, we do not give make-up lessons for student cancellations. A lesson is also considered cancelled if a student does not show up within 10 minutes of the intended lesson time, whether the lesson is online, studio or in-home. Student-cancelled lessons are still charged as the time is being held by the teacher. This policy applies to Regular Clients, CMLP and MLP Clients. There are no refunds for missed/cancelled lessons or fee adjustments for make-up lessons done as online lessons.

Keeping with the health concerns of all parties, teachers can offer online make-up lessons to students taking studio and/or in-home lessons, especially if the student is feeling sick or showing cold or flu symptoms. Please, talk to your teacher directly.

Substitute lessons can be given to other family members or friends if the lesson is at the usual time and place. This can be a terrific way to use a lesson that you might have lost due to a student cancellation. Imagine Music Lessons will not adjust fees for vacations or time taken off during the middle of the year, as the student’s space is being held by the teacher. However, you may substitute a student in your place.

You will need to acquire an instrument before the lesson so that you can practice and play. Some music stores offer the option to rent musical instruments, or you can consider purchasing a new or used instrument as well. As for materials, your music teacher will tell you what music books you need. They may also have these books available to you for purchase, or you may have to purchase these books yourself at the local music store. Other materials may include a metronome, music stand, and notebook. We can offer advice and guidance on getting your instrument and materials.