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Music Studio Lessons in Calgary

Our Instructors Make Music Enjoyable

At Imagine Music Lessons, we provide students of all ages with the opportunity to learn and practice music – in a studio! Students can easily book their lessons in our teachers’ home-based studios, giving them one-on-one time in the perfect learning environment. Learn skills at our music studios in Calgary

No Distractions

No Distractions

No hassles, no interruptions. Just you and your teacher in complete focus.
Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Enjoy one-on-one teaching with a personalized focus on the instruments you love to learn.
Studio Access

Studio Access

Get direct access to more advanced instruments and your teacher’s library of music.
What's Your Instrument?
What’s Your Style?
Have fun and learn a throwback tune from the 50s or your favourite song currently on the radio!
Choose Your Own Style
Learn the basics, practice often and play the music you love the most!
Learn, play and perform classical music from history’s greatest talents.
Improvise and live in the moment with classic and contemporary jazz music.
What’s Your Experience?


No experience? No worries! Let’s get you started nice and easy.


Improve your current skills or expand into another instrument.


Refine your skills and take the step from intermediate to pro.

Adult Beginner

It’s never too late to learn an instrument! We’re here to help.

Adult Intermediate

Immerse yourself in your music of choice or expand to new styles.


Take it to the next level with our motivating and passionate teachers!

Lesson Options

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Whether you’re new to music, an experienced musician or want to have fun playing your favourite songs, you’ll find your dream pathway with us. Learn, practice and thrive with Imagine Music Lessons.

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Preparing Youth For a Career in Music
Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy

A fantastic opportunity for inspiring students! These student volunteers can help struggling students while gaining experience and boosting their musical resumes.
Junior Teaching

Junior Teaching

We carefully select our most aspiring students from our Practice Buddy Program, giving them guidance and knowledge to become music teachers.
What People Are Saying
"I am LOVING this 😊. I’m sure if someone was to sneak downstairs while I’m playing (practicing) to my favourite tunes…they’d see me there with a huge smile. Peter is a great teacher and I’m enjoying learning."
Lana C
"It has been a pleasure to have Yoanna introduce piano to Becky & Mustafa introduce guitar to Rachel and making this a very positive experience for both of them."
"Imagine Music is top notch! My daughter’s piano ability has sky rocketed since Jennifer became her teacher. She teaches her in a fun and supportive way. I highly recommend Imagine Music."
"I took voice lessons through Imagine Music Inc. for several years. I always had incredible instructors who challenged me and allowed me to grow as a vocalist. My time with Imagine Music gave me the confidence and skills to perform in various musical theatre productions and as an anthem singer for sporting events."
"Jennifer has been exceptional at guiding me to work on piano pieces, theory, and technical work that are at exactly the right level. I always leave my lesson feeling encouraged and energized! Many thanks!"
"[We] really do appreciate you, your teachers and students for performing for people online... the link [to the recital] is being sent to many long-term care facilities to have them enjoy the recital... Again thanks for supporting our programming.
Innisfail Connect
"My teacher Jasmin and the school owner Jennifer have always been supportive and helpful. I've grown a lot in over a year of piano lessons and become more enthusiastic about the subject. I'm glad I'm taking lessons at this school!"
"Not coming from a musical background I have always been a bit intimidated by this space. Jennifer at Imagine Music has been very approachable, excited about anyone learning music, super encouraging of our venture into violin lessons for our 9-year-old.
Hannah Mortensen, our child's teacher is a great role model, and very encouraging. This music school celebrates music learning at any level."
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"Jennifer is an exceptional music teacher. Our daughter has flourished because of Jennifer’s thoughtful, gentle mentorship. We’ve noticed during Imagine Music recitals that the teachers are hugely enthusiastic, and students proudly perform the pieces THEY chose. By treating
students as equal partners in their growth as musicians, Jennifer and her team keep students engaged and keen to practice and play. We know our daughter’s love of music will last a lifetime!"
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"My 11 year old daughter Cindy has taken private piano and vocal lessons with Marilyn since she was 4. Marilyn is a wonderful and talented instructor with very effective teaching methods. She is very patient and caring to her students. She specializes in piano
and vocal lessons to fit students' needs. Marilyn and Cindy not only work on technique but also theory, musicality, and effective practicing. The thing I like most about Marilyn is she has a genuine love of music and she inspires Cindy to enjoy music as she does. She also makes the lessons fun, so Cindy is motivated to practice all the time. Thanks to Marilyn's positive and encouraging teaching style, lessons are always enjoyable!"
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"As an adult learner of piano, it can be intimidating to take lessons but Jennifer was able to cut through that fear with her gentle and encouraging approach. I have really enjoyed playing piano as a form of therapy and Jennifer has been able to make it a relaxing yet fun experience every time I am in the studio."
"Our daughter has taken violin lessons for several years now with Imagine Music. She has successfully completed her level 6 exams with honours! We are very happy with Imagine Music lessons. Highly recommend!"
" Imagine Music’s whole team is fantastic. They are so upbeat and enthusiastic about teaching music and make the whole learning thing positive. My daughter has enjoyed her piano lessons without any complaints and I’m so grateful. I highly recommend them for anyone at any age!!!! "
Frequently Asked Questions
Our teacher studios are located throughout Calgary. Please contact us to find out which studios are closest to you or search for the instrument teacher you need.
Indeed, we do. Meet and Greets are a short meeting where you and our teachers get to know each other. They are usually offered at no charge, either online or in the teacher’s studio.
Yes, it is required that you have an instrument before you begin lessons. Some music stores offer the option to rent musical instruments, or you can consider purchasing a new or used instrument as well. We can give you advice on buying or finding an instrument.

Yes, you’ll require music books as part of your lessons. Your music teacher will tell you what music books you need, offering them for purchase or telling you where to buy them. Other materials may include a metronome, music stand, and notebook.