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Online Music Lessons

Virtual Music Doesn’t Lose Its Power

You shouldn’t have to miss out on experiencing the fun of playing the music you love. At Imagine Music Lessons, we support your musical journey while prioritizing your well-being and comfort with our online music lessons. We connect our students with inspiring teachers, setting up online classes through Facetime, Zoom or Skype. You’ll never miss a lesson with us. 

Lessons From Anywhere

Lessons From Anywhere

From your home to your school or the office, you can attend a lesson anywhere at any time.
Convenient & Flexible

Convenient & Flexible

Our online lessons allow greater flexibility, allowing families to schedule around work or school.
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

You’ll learn and practice better in an environment that is safe and comfortable for you.
What's Your Instrument?
What’s Your Style?
Disney, country, pop, or oldies — learn to play the type of music you love.
Choose Your Own Style
Work with your teacher to develop a style that suits you. It could include contemporary, classic, jazz or all of the above!
Play and practice the precise art of classical music, from Beethoven to Mozart.
Experience music “off-the-cuff” by learning, practicing and improvising jazz standards.
What’s Your Experience?


Get your musical journey started on the right note with online lessons.


Online lessons are ideal for tuning up your repertoire or learning new instruments.


Let’s work together to perfect your techniques so you can master your instrument.

Adult Beginner

Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready to teach you the music you love with our online lessons!

Adult Intermediate

Learn new instruments, broaden your musical boundaries or master your own tunes with us.


Stepping up in your musical journey is easier with our inspiring online music teachers.

Lesson Options

Sign Up For Online Music Lessons Today

Enjoy one-on-one online lessons with a personalized focus on the instruments and music you’ll love to learn. Whether you’re new to music or enhancing your career opportunities, we’ll support your musical journey.

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Preparing Youth For a Career in Music
Practice Buddy

Practice Buddy

A fantastic opportunity for inspiring students! These student volunteers can help struggling students while gaining experience and boosting their musical resumes.
Junior Teaching

Junior Teaching

We carefully select our most aspiring students from our Practice Buddy Program, giving them guidance and knowledge to become music teachers.
What People Are Saying
"I am LOVING this 😊. I’m sure if someone was to sneak downstairs while I’m playing (practicing) to my favourite tunes…they’d see me there with a huge smile. Peter is a great teacher and I’m enjoying learning."
Lana C
"It has been a pleasure to have Yoanna introduce piano to Becky & Mustafa introduce guitar to Rachel and making this a very positive experience for both of them."
"Imagine Music is top notch! My daughter’s piano ability has sky rocketed since Jennifer became her teacher. She teaches her in a fun and supportive way. I highly recommend Imagine Music."
"I took voice lessons through Imagine Music Inc. for several years. I always had incredible instructors who challenged me and allowed me to grow as a vocalist. My time with Imagine Music gave me the confidence and skills to perform in various musical theatre productions and as an anthem singer for sporting events."
"Jennifer has been exceptional at guiding me to work on piano pieces, theory, and technical work that are at exactly the right level. I always leave my lesson feeling encouraged and energized! Many thanks!"
Frequently Asked Questions

Trial Lessons are usually taught as a regular lesson and provides the student with a music assessment or an idea of what music lessons will be like. There is typically a fee for the trial lesson. 

Costs vary depending on the type of lesson (Regular, Custom Music Lesson Packages or Music Lesson Packages) and the length (30, 45, or 60 minutes). We can give you a breakdown when you contact us. 

From plugging in your devices to checking your internet connection, we have a range of tips to help improve your online experience. You can read them here or contact us for details. 

Lessons are mostly on Zoom, Facetime or Skype. Depending on your and our teacher’s preferences, we can teach online though other platforms.