A Musical Refresh

I love spring. It is always a time for new ideas and fresh starts.

Imagine Music Inc. is celebrating its 25th year in business. It’s time for a refresh. It’s time for new growth.

As I think of what makes us successful, I remember all the Imagine Music families over the years. Many of our students continue to play and enjoy music well past university. We call this success! We even have generations of families take lessons from us. We’re proud of these outcomes in the last 25 years.

I reflect on where we are now, and the community of musicians we are now coaching toward musical growth and maturity. 2019 will continue to bring many influences on our youth. However, my hope for our students is to use music as a healthy outlet, just as I see our adult students playing music for relaxation and mind strengthening.

The refresh towards growth always starts with some small idea that, under the right conditions, blossoms into potential. We are excited to reveal both our new website and our blog “Think Music”. Our solid commitment remains the same.

Our business continues to positively coach and influence our students to

“Think Music” as a part of their life.

I love this the most about our business,
Jennifer Aumentado