Why Learning Music Theory is Important

I have always enjoyed teaching theory. To teach theory, a music teacher will need to find creative ways to explain a concept so a student can understand. Most beginner students have a lot of questions about how music works such as how to read notes, how music is written, and what is a chord symbol. The list of questions is long; the answers can be complicated. 

As the student progresses, a teacher’s knowledge and understanding of complex music theory is important. How do chords form? Why are there so many types of scales? How do you improvise music? How do you play different classical genres?

There are many ways to learn music theory by watching YouTube videos, reading theory books, or through websites. The best way to learn theory, however, is to take dedicated theory lessons. For most music students, I find that their questions can’t be thoroughly answered without a music teacher. Having a two way conversation through private or online lessons will assure theory skill is learned quicker. Most importantly, you will have confidence that the theory learned is correct.

A trained and experienced, music teacher is indispensable. Questions can be answered thoroughly by providing examples and notating on staff paper. A music teacher can also demonstrate the answer on your particular instrument or piano. 

 Most music teachers will usually use a dedicated theory course. This is a great idea! Not only is a theory course a great resource reference, but it uses written exercises that the student can do in class or for homework. In Alberta, accredited theory classes have an exam component and if completed well, the students can get credits towards their high school diploma.

There is a certain satisfaction and pride when a student truly understands musical concepts. I think this holds true for any student regardless of age or ability.   Best of all, as music teachers, we know we’ve succeeded when we see the light on our students’ faces and they say “I get IT!”

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