What is the Best Age to Start Music Lessons?

Music Lessons are best to start at any age. 

But the teaching and the success of playing music varies on the instrument. 

Learning to play a musical instrument is easier with a certain level of comprehension and patience and when the student has the muscle dexterity to move around on that instrument. Keeping these things in mind will make music lessons fun and successful when starting your music lesson journey. 

Let’s take a look at the best times to start playing specific instruments.

The Best Age for Specific Music Lessons & Instruments 

Piano: The Most Popular Instrument to Start Learning

Ages 5 to 7 are a great age to start piano lessons. Some can even begin piano lessons as young as four. The piano is great as you can begin producing sounds quickly and easily, making it perfect for any age or ability.

Plus, there are so many courses, music books and approaches available for the piano student. It is often a starting point for those looking to move into another instrument or for those looking to accompany themselves while singing.

Voice Lessons are Also Popular to Start at a Young Age 

Voice lessons can be a lot of fun for the youngsters, starting at age five. There are many funny songs students can sing and witty gestures and actions that can be used to embellish these songs. As voice lessons progress, students start to explore their voices. They learn their voice range and how to control their voice through breathing.   

Sometimes, Waiting Is Better

Some music lessons are best started at certain ages just simply due to the technique required to play the instrument. Musical instruments such as violin, guitar, bass and ukulele can are best started at age eight as students need to have the finger strength to depress the strings.  

However, we have started violin and ukulele students as early as five with great success. The ukulele is perfectly sized for young hands. The violin and guitar have different sizes available depending on the size of the student.

What about instruments you blow into?

Wind and brass instruments such as saxophone and trumpet are also best when lessons are started later, such as age 11. Wind and brass instruments require breath control and embouchure to produce sound effectively. 

Embouchure or lipping uses the lips, facial muscles, tongue, and teeth when playing a wind or brass instrument. This is why these instruments are taught in Junior, and Senior High schools as the motor skills to start playing are more precise. 

Students who have had prior music lessons, such as piano, have a musical advantage over those who haven’t had such music lessons.

drum lessons calgary

Everyone Wants to Drum Lessons!  

We have also seen those little drumkits, and they are very cute! Although we have started students as young as four, it is best to start drums lessons around eight years old.

As drumming requires greater command of all limbs and dexterous wrist and arm movements. Drum lessons are also excellent for those looking to work on motor skills for small and large muscle groups.

Overall, most parents want their children to develop the skills associated with music lessons. They will start their child’s music lessons at a young age with the hopes that they will continue playing into adulthood. Some may believe that music lessons should start very young, such as age 2 or 3.

Some may believe that they are too old to start music lessons.  

At Imagine Music, we have over 25 years of teaching experience, and we believe music lessons are important to human development and should start at any age. The love and appreciation for music can begin at any time.  

Imagine Music Inc has been teaching music lessons online, in-home or in studio in Calgary, Alberta. We can help guide you through the process of finding the right music teacher for you. We also have different music lessons options for every type of music student. Our teachers have varying experience levels, musical teaching styles, education, and performance. For over 25 years, Imagine Music has been teaching and mentoring lifelong skills through the love of playing music. Contact us today and begin your musical journey.