Should You Take Your Music Lessons to the Next Level?

Taking it to the next level means practicing more diligently and with focus.

Elevating your casual lesson into something more serious means:

  • playing scales and chord exercises with accuracy.
  • learning proper sight reading skills.
  • developing your ear with listening exercises.
  • playing many pieces really well and sometimes memorized.

Worth noting, if you desire a musical certificate in your desired instrument, you need to complete “real” theory books and take the theory exam.

There are two main systems for music exams in Canada:
Both Exam Systems:
  • offer exams for many instruments.
  • have a syllabus and guidelines to follow.
  • have certain music books that they like to use.
  • can be used as credits for high school.
  • have exams throughout the year in various cities.

It sounds like a lot of work.

Thank-goodness, there are music teachers out there to help you achieve these goals!

One of my long-time adult students just recently told me that his goal is to take a Level 5 Piano Exam.

I was thrilled. How exciting!

Exams are not just for the young. I am finding more adult student who want to work towards an exam. Doesn’t mean they’ll do the exam but, they will try to complete everything in that level. Overall, the end result is a better, more informed and well-rounded musician.

Most parents of kids who have trained for exams would say it is worth it. These kids are more focused, organized, dedicated, and are often high achievers in many areas, especially in school academics. Most importantly, they are busy working towards their future. They have learned how to self-manage their time, to take criticism, and how to fix their problems effectively.

So, should you take it up to the next musical level? Ask these two questions:
  1. Do you wish to increase knowledge and explore new musical concepts?
  2. Do you believe a challenge towards a goal would be a great way to measure growth and encourage persistence in learning?

If you answered “yes”, then give it a try.

We are here to help!