Summer Tips for Thinking Music

It’s here, the lazy days of summer! A time for doing other activities that you love to do. After all summer is short!

So how do you keep your fingers limber and your mind, musically sharp!

Here’s a few summer music tips I use to keep #thinkingmusic :

  • Summer is the perfect time to learn that new song you always wanted to play. Just pick away at it slowly a few lines at a time. Then in your lessons in the fall, you can go for it!
  • Play around on the BLUES. Learn the basic 12 bar blues form and improvise using the blues scale. No notes are needed, just play by ear.
  • Have a summer only song . . . nothing too long . . .maybe something easier than what you usually play.
  • Pick up a “how to play” YouTube tip on your instrument and implement it. Make sure it’s at your level and then have fun with it.