Are Music Lessons a Gift That Can Last a Lifetime?

Jada Playing at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary

Time and time again, I have seen so many kids start music lessons at a young age and continue playing until adulthood.

When students begin, parents are so excited about the possibilities of this new musical experience. They are unsure where these music lessons will take them but they want to give their child the opportunity.

One thing is for sure, parents want their child to grow up having music in their lives and continue playing as an adult. Parents want their child to develop key skills such as perseverance, self-discipline, problem solving and creativity. 

Many parents want their child to have a healthy outlet that they can use to handle stress and relax as they get older. Finding a teacher who can inspire and be supportive is really important. With the help of our teachers, we have seen many students continue to play music.

Some move on to study music in University, play piano as a volunteer, mentor other music students or become music teachers themselves. One long time student even became a well-recognized DJ.  

Here is a wonderful letter from one student, Jada who started at age 7 and is now a University student. It is heartwarming to hear that Jada just celebrated her 5th official anniversary playing piano as a volunteer at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Only amazing things to say about Imagine Music! Both my brother and I were students at Imagine Music for over 12 years (in guitar, voice and piano lessons).  Now, I am now able to more confidently play in front of audiences and in various settings. I was also fortunate enough to be able to get connected with various institutions to play and acquire volunteer hours (retirement homes, different venues/events). While the opportunities were numerous, I was only able to commit to one long-term position at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. In summary, the company is affordable, convenient, the teachers are knowledgeable and I am very grateful for the years I was able to practice music with them!

JadaImagine Music Student