Keep in Shape For the Fall With Summer Music Lessons

Students work hard all year building up their music repertoire, learning new theory concepts, and keeping their fingers nimble. 

They also keep their brain in shape with daily music exercise.

In May and June many students prepare for recitals, performances and possibly exams. Then summer hits, and they pause to do other things.


So what happens when we stop playing for a month or two? Usually when students start playing again they are slower to respond when they read music.

Advanced students can start up quicker than a new beginner or intermediate student. Usually, advanced students don’t stop playing for months as they want to keep their music in shape. However, a beginner or intermediate student can really feel the decline. To their teacher’s dismay, most beginners forgot important aspects on how to read music or count rhythm. Their fingers respond slower almost forgetting where to go with hand placement. Sometimes, it feels like starting all over come September.


There is an easy solution! Play your instrument 3 times a week. Play favorite songs or better yet, have a summer project song.

Having a music lesson periodically throughout the summer is also a great goal to work towards as it can help keep students on track. For those students taking exams over the summer, lessons are even more important. Summer music exams can be easier when it doesn’t compete with school work.


Covid-19 is still with us unfortunately but taking a few lessons in the summer can help students keep busy, keep brains exercised and keep fingers in shape.

Our teachers are here to help you over the summer.